How do I get started?

All you have to do is sign up at , and then login, click make a deposit, and then choose your plan and enter the amount you wish to invest. Please note that the minimum deposit for each plan varies. The Max Trade plan requires a minimum deposit of $25.00 and both the Mining plan and the High Trade plan has a minimum deposit of $10.00.

""What is is an investment program offered by John Kirkland and William Felt to anyone who wishes to make money without the hassle and headache of worrying whether your investment will generate profit or loss.

What does do?

We offer 3 investment plans that entail different investment approach and method. Plans range from crypto currency mining and trading.

""Is mining still profitable?

This depends on the location of the mining farms you lease. For, our mining farms on lease are housed in a location where the main power source is of the alternative green energy type. We have closed a fixed rate deal for our operations.

Do you make money on any market?

Yes, we can generate profit even on bearish market trends. We, however generate a whole lot more when the markets are bullish. We take advantage of the ups and downs of the trading market just like any seasoned trader does.